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The Importance of Gas Detection Services

The man is checking gas leaks with a gas detector

Gas detection systems are essential for ensuring the safety of employees and protecting businesses. They detect unsafe levels of dangerous gasses in the air.

How do these systems work, and which type of gas detection system is right for your business? Keep reading to find out more.

Types of Gas Detection Works

These systems work differently depending on the gasses they detect. Here are the three main types:

Electrochemical detectors:

These detectors are used to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide. Electrochemical gas detection technology senses electrochemical reactions in the air. Chemicals react with the system's electrodes. When gasses like carbon monoxide reach unsafe levels, the sensor sends out an alert.

Catalytic bead detectors:

These detectors are used to monitor combustible gasses. When a combustible gas comes in contact with the system's platinum wire coil, the coil oxidizes. The oxidation activates an alarm to alert people in the area.

Infrared gas detectors:

These detectors are used to monitor hydrocarbon-based and combustible gasses. These sophisticated systems use light to detect gasses in the air. When these gasses reach unsafe levels, the infrared detector will sound the alarm.

Types of Gas Detection

There are two main types of gas detection systems: portable and fixed systems. Learn more about each of them below.

Portable Gas Detection Systems

Portable gas detectors are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE). Employees working in hazardous areas wear these devices. They monitor dangerous levels of gas in the immediate area.

If dangerous gasses in the area reach unsafe working levels, the portable detector will alert the employee to evacuate.

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Where portable gas detection systems are for individuals, fixed systems can protect groups of employees. They monitor hazardous areas even when workers are not present.

If gas levels reach dangerous levels after work hours, the system will automatically alert emergency responders.

Greenhouse Gases

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to detect greenhouse gases. Companies must detect and prevent greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is to ensure they're operating in an environmentally friendly way.

Failing to track greenhouse gases can cost companies at least $50 per tonne.

Priority Safety Gas Detection Services

Detecting levels of harmful gasses in the workplace is crucial for complying with Alberta's laws. Gas detection systems can also prevent fatal injuries and fires to protect your employees and your business.

Are you looking for gas detection systems and services in Grand Prairie, Alberta? Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd offers optical gas imaging and gas detection services for companies. Our advanced equipment and highly trained technicians play a crucial role in detecting invisible and toxic gases. With the cutting-edge technology, we can continuously monitor and swiftly detect any potential gas leaks on a job site.

Contact us for more information.


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