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24/7 Onsite Medical Services in Grande Prairie

Work sometimes takes us to remote locations, away from city life’s safety net and easy access to medical services. But that should not be a cause of distress for you, thanks to onsite medical services. No matter where your worksite is, industrial first-aid and emergency medical care services can ensure you and your employees’ safety and well-being. Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. provides emergency medical services in Grande Prairie. Our motto, “Your safety is our priority,” guides all our actions and decisions when it comes to creating an emergency response package for you, your company, and your employees.

We can set up a mini-medical care centre for you and provide 24/7 emergency medical services. With our onsite team of medics at your service, emergencies and mishaps are at the worksite can be handled the right way, right away. Our team will monitor the patient’s situation will aim to keep it stable for as long as possible. We have the knowledge and skills to respond quickly and prevent an injury or illness from aggravating further. Even with hazardous equipment in oilfields and power generating plants, you can feel safe knowing that we will be with you anytime, anywhere.

To enhance workplace safety at your job sites, book our emergency medical services in Grande Prairie today!

What are Emergency Medical Services?

Providing timely and reliable medical attention to those who got into an accident is an integral part of emergency medical services. In every workplace, it is necessary to ensure that the hurt or ill employee gets proper medical attention. Even a slight delay in obtaining the right medical attention can lead to consequences. Our trained team is skilled at ensuring proper medical assistance in case of emergencies. 

Learn more about safety services and workplace hazards to be prepared for any emergency.

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Professional Onsite Medics in Grand Prairie

Onsite Medics and Medical Products in Grande Prairie

Rely on our staff to provide you with safety information and patient care, no matter where you are. Our onsite medics in Grande Prairie can offer emergency medical services and industrial first aid in the form of:

  4x4 medical treatment centres for quick on-site care
  4x4 emergency transport vehicles for quick evacuation of patients from a dangerous environment
  Automated external defibrillator equipment when there’s no time to waste
  Medical personnel, including experienced responders and technicians who know what to do in an emergency
  Emergency first aid for unavoidable accidents


No matter what you need and where you are, Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd will work with you to mitigate or eliminate future emergencies. Contact our staff to order our services today.

See the Difference Priority Safety Services Can Make

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who requires emergency medical services in Grande Prairie receives them promptly. Having a reliable emergency medical team by your side can help you in various situations, including:

  • Even at a remote location, you have quick access to qualified health staff who know how to respond to health emergencies.
  • In the case of a disaster, immediate medical assistance from onsite personnel can minimize the impact on workers.
  • In hazardous working conditions, an onsite medical facility can continuously monitor the health, thereby reducing the risk factor.
  • Qualified medical staff can provide preventative care to keep workers healthy.
  • In certain situations, a team of medics who can respond immediately can prove to be life-saving.

In addition to that, there are several benefits of opting for our emergency medical services:

  • The nearby hospital is immediately notified of the patient’s arrival.
  • Our team has hands-on training to handle different kinds of emergencies.
  • 24/7 emergency services are provided to all the locations near Grand Prairie.

You shouldn’t have to jeopardize or constantly worry about your safety in order to work in your field of choice. When you choose Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd, our onsite medical staff and range of products and services will protect your health in case of an emergency. You can go to work every day feeling safe, secure, and in good hands.


Contact our emergency response team to reserve an onsite medic.

Onsite Medic Services

We have an onsite medical staff to protect you in case of an emergency.

Prompt Emergency Medical Services in Grand Prairie

We offer dependable emergency services for worksites and remote locations.

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