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  • H2S safety and gas detection at Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd., Grande Prairie.
    Safety Guidelines For Workplace Gas Detection

    Gas emissions at drilling areas and sewage treatment plants can be deadly. Don't wait to experience such a disaster and then learn about it! Preparedness is the key to survival. The challenge while preparing for gas leaks is that they are quite unpredictable and can't be seen. Now you don't have to worry about gas detection and emergencies as you can use the 24-hour on-site services of Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. We identify and control all risks associated with H2S safety.

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  • 13/04/2018
    Applications and Uses of SCBA Rentals

    A self-contained breathing unit (SCBA) is an important piece of personal protective equipment worn by professionals in demanding and dangerous environments. It affords the highest level of protection against contaminated breathing air.

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  • Office trailer rental in Grand Prairie Alberta
    The Benefits of Office Trailer Rental for Remote Job Sites

    Many industries, such as forestry, mining, and the oilfield industry, have remote job sites which don't offer much in the way of traditional workspace. Trying to successfully manage a remote project without a properly outfitted office can be challenging. Thankfully, office trailer rental in Grande Prairie from Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. offers an effective solution to many of the problems you may encounter when working remotely.

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  • equipment
    Five Benefits of Renting an Industrial Generator for Your Worksite

    Priority Safety Services & Rentals offers more than simply emergency response services in Grande Prairie. Though industrial first aid and emergency services are an important component of what we do, we also provide rentals of various equipment, including generators for those running operations in remote areas. Whether you’re running a project within the gas and oil sector or a project in forestry, you require a power source to energize your worksite. That’s where we can help. We provide generator rental services in Grande Prairie for businesses just like yours every day. Here are the top five benefits that come with renting one of our generators.

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  • Onsite medics in Grand Prairie Alberta
    Professional Onsite Medics in Grand Prairie

    The Importance and Benefits of Onsite Medics 

    Though there are stringent regulations in place to help ensure that job sites in a variety of Alberta industries are safe, it is impossible to completely mitigate all potential hazards and accidents. Making sure that your job site always includes an onsite medic from Grande Prairie's Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. will help keep your workers safe.

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