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If you work in the oilfield, forestry, or electrical industries, you know exactly what you need to work in remote areas for long periods of time. You should have dependable employees, reliable equipment, and proper communication channels, among other necessities. When you work in a well-maintained and properly outfitted job site, you can more easily accomplish your tasks and projects. 

But sometimes you need an office to work from as you and your employees manage the job site. At Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd, we provide mobile office trailers for Grande Prairie worksites. You can also get a well site trailer on rent for your oil or gas extraction site. These trailers help the workers rest well and come back fresh after the whole day on site. Our office trailers also work well as meeting rooms and first-aid stations.

If you’re looking for a well site trailer or office trailer in Grande Prairie, we’ve got you covered. With a wide selection of options available to suit your needs, we also provide outstanding customer service and are here to help you with all your trailer needs. Get in touch with us to know more about our portable office and well site trailers.

What is a Well site Trailer?

A well site trailer is a portable trailer that provides a living space to the workers in a mining camp or a gas and oil extraction sites. The trailer has all types of amenities present in office trailers and comes equipped with propane tanks, a kitchen, a bed, a washer, A/C and other features. It helps your workers relax and refresh after long work days, helping maximize productivity.


Well site trailers come in various layouts and features depending on your usage and the number of workers to accommodate. Here are a few attractive features you can expect when you rent a well site trailer from Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd in Grande Prairie:


  • A/C and heating equipment

  • Flat screen TVs

  • Kitchen and dining area

  • Bathroom

  • Dryer and washer

  • Bedroom with double/queen-size bed

  • Cupboard

  • Office area

  • Living room

  • Water cooler

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The Benefits of Office Trailer Rental for Remote Job Sites

Office Trailers in Grande Prairie

Our office trailers provide a convenient workspace so that you can keep your business on track. You can more easily organize important documents, run projects, and meet with team members in a clean, bright environment. And when your worksite moves, you won’t have to spend unnecessary time packing and setting up a new office.​

When you rent one of our comfortable and modern trailers, you’ll get all the luxuries of city life in an isolated area. You will also enjoy the benefits and amenities that come with our trailers, including:

Electric heaters


Satellite TV

Air conditioning

Large work stations

You can also choose from either temporary or permanent office spaces in a variety of sizes and floor plans.

Why Rent Office Trailers in Grande Prairie? 

Renting office trailers from Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd comes with many benefits, including:

  • Portability: You can shift office trailers to a different job site or a new site per your needs.

  • Comfortable short-term accommodation: You don’t need to commit to a permanent space when you have a temporary office trailer needed for a specific period of time.

  • Cost-efficient: Office trailers can save you a lot of money if you are working on a short-term project as you don’t need to lease a complete office building.

  • Security: You can add security features like card access and passcode locks to protect your office trailer from theft.


Office trailers in Grande Prairie can be of great use in the following applications:

  • Construction projects

  • Portable medical labs and healthcare centres

  • Portable schools

  • Storage space

  • Remote work sites

  • Retail office spaces

Common Uses of Renting Well site of Office Trailers in Grande Prairie

Rent an Office Trailer Today

Why sacrifice the commodities of a traditional office building as you work? If you aren’t sure which portable trailer best suits your work environment, our friendly and dedicated staff can help.


Simply get in touch, and one of our team members will gladly listen to your needs and concerns. Call us today to schedule an office trailer rental for your Grande Prairie work zone.

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Reliable Generator Rentals in Grande Prairie

Do you need generator rentals?  Reach out to us.

Functional and Durable Well site Trailers in Grande Prairie

Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd offers well site trailers with all the amenities based on your needs. 

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