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'Your Safety Is Our Priority' is what we live by at Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. At Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd, we understand the safety requirements of industrial worksites in the area. Providing prompt emergency care to an injured person is essential. A trustworthy first aid service provider will ensure that your organization is prepared for any emergency at all times. For this reason, we provide dependable rentals and occupational first aid in Grande Prairie. Get in touch to find out more about our services.


If you require equipment rentals or emergency occupational first aid in Grande Prairie, please contact us. We also provide safety services against Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) exposure.

The Importance of Occupational First Aid Services

First aid services are essential in any workplace. Though there are safety measures in place, there are still times when things happen beyond our control, and people get injured or sick. The availability of a first aid kit, safety plan and proper training provided to all employees is essential and required by the law. When someone gets injured or sick in the workplace, the trained personnel must act fast and provide the necessary assistance. Delay in receiving first aid can lead to consequences in the injured person’s health. A systematic first aid plan and reliable service providers ensure the safety of everyone at the workplace.

Common Occupational First Aid Hazards in Grande Prairie

Providing first aid equipment and training is mandatory for all Canadian workplaces. Being aware of the hazards in the workplace will ensure that you are prepared in case of any emergency. Hazards may vary by workplace, but some common ones include the following:

  • Chemicals used on the job site

  • Exposure to toxic gases, like H2S

  • Muscle injuries from lifting heavy objects

  • Allergic reaction to a particular food, insect bites, etc.


You can read more about first aid and employee safety tips in our blog.

Why Choose Us?

With a strong desire to help people and an unwavering commitment to safety, Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd remains a leader in industrial first aid services. For any workplace, the safety of its employees is paramount. Having a reliable provider of safety equipment and services helps manage the severity of the injury or illness. Our company focuses on the following:

     Extreme patient care
     Reduction of workplace accidents
     Improvement of business performance
     Safety for staff and contractors


Contact Us

Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd is based in Grande Prairie, AB, but our services extend throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Call us to learn more.

Emergency Occupational First Aid in Grande Prairie

We can provide reliable first aid no matter how remote you’re located.

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