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Applications and Uses of SCBA Rentals

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A self-contained breathing unit (SCBA) is an important piece of personal protective equipment worn by professionals in demanding and dangerous environments. It affords the highest level of protection against contaminated breathing air.

At Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd, we provide SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie for fire rescue and for the oil and gas industry. If you would like more information about what an SCBA is, what SCBAs are used for, and SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie, then keep reading below.


What is an SCBA?

There are three main components to an SCBA mounting frame. There's the face mask with a mouthpiece through which air is inhaled, the pressure regulator, and the high-pressure tank. Being self-contained, an SCBA does not rely on a remote air supply, such as a hose. This allows the SCBA to be highly mobile and used in a variety of situations. SCBAs make it possible for industrial workers and rescue workers to enter environments which are dangerous to health or to life by providing a portable air supply.


One of the largest and most important systems in the human body, the respiratory system is also one of the easiest systems to compromise. SCBAs provide the necessary protection against inhaling a dangerous contaminant which could cause serious injury or even death.


SCBA Applications for Fire Rescue

SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie are often used by firefighters during fire rescue operations. SCBAs have been an indispensably important innovation for the fire service, helping firefighters stay safe while doing their job. When wearing SCBAs, firefighters can go deeper into burning structures and environments while their respiratory system is protected from toxic gasses, superheated atmosphere, and other hazards. This allows firefighters to more effectively perform rescue missions, locate the fire, and suppress the fire. SCBAs specifically designed for fire rescue are resistant to heat and flames.


SCBA Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

Aside from fire rescue, SCBAs are also found in various industries. In Alberta, they are commonly used by the oil and gas industry for oil and gas exploration, which is considered to be highly hazardous work. SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie allow industry employees to safely work in environments, such as well sites, where they may encounter hydrogen sulphide, hydrocarbons, and flammable atmosphere. SCBAs must be available for oil and gas industry workers when they are performing tasks such as drilling, snubbing, swabbing, servicing, or when they are using workover or flushby units.


SCBA Rentals in Grande Prairie for Industry and Fire Rescue

Fire rescue and oil and gas exploration should never be carried out without the right personal protective equipment for the job. At Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd, we are committed to helping reduce workplace accidents by providing quality industrial equipment rentals, including SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie. Best of all, when dealing with us, you will always be communicating directly with our owner.


For more information on SCBA rentals in Grande Prairie, don't hesitate to contact Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd today.


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