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Working in the gas, oil or forestry industries often requires the completion of remote projects away from any nearby cities or towns. These projects usually run on a tight schedule, meaning you need crews working as much as possible, including the early morning hours and well into the nighttime hours.

Without proper lighting during these dark hours, work can be hindered and put behind schedule, which is something no project manager wants. Solve your lighting problems with the rental of light towers from Priority Safety Services & Rentals for your project in the Grande Prairie area. Not only will the addition of adequate lighting ensure your work stays on schedule, but it will also improve the safety and security of your worksite.

Our Light Tower Rentals in Grande Prairie

All of our rental light towers are portable, which allows you to move them as your work requires. If you need them in one area one day and in another the next, they can be easily moved to accommodate your work schedule.

In addition, each light tower is powered by its own individual generator. They do not need to be connected to any other power source to obtain energy. Once the generator is fueled, the tower is prepared to work round the clock to provide light at your worksite.

If you are working on a tight deadline and need a constant source of light so your crews can work through the night, trust the fast and reliable service of Priority Safety Services and Rentals. We can provide you with light tower rentals in the Grande Prairie area for any of your remote projects. Call us today at 780-539-1999.






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