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The Benefits of Renting Safety Equipment vs. Owning It

a construction worker on site holding yellow helmet and wearing orange uniform

Safety equipment is an integral part of many jobs to ensure workers' health and well-being.

Renting safety equipment is often cheaper than buying it. But why is renting preferable? It may seem more reasonable to own safety equipment, like generators and H2S detectors, rather than owing it, but that’s not always the case.

Here we'll discuss why renting is preferable to owning safety equipment and what kinds of safety supplies you can rent for your business in Grande Prairie.

Renting Vs. Owning

One important thing to consider is that owning tools and equipment also comes with potential repair costs, if anything breaks down.

There are two reasons why renting is considered a better choice; the first is that rentals are cheaper. The second reason is that some types of equipment will not be used very often, so you will better off renting an expensive tool.

Rentals Save Money

Purchasing safety equipment includes paying for the initial purchase, maintenance, and storage costs. Insurance is an optional cost if you want quick replacements in case of irreparable damage.

For a business owner, buying safety equipment drains funds that could be used for other operational expenses. It's also not easy to justify paying for something you may not use often.

You Can Better Manage Seasonal or Peak Periods

A lot of safety equipment is time-sensitive and only used during certain seasons or situations. While having the correct safety equipment for the job is essential, some tools may only be used once or twice. There's no point in buying something you'll only use a few times.

Safety Equipment Rentals in Grande Prairie

An employer's job is to make worksites as safe as possible. Safety services and rentals go a long way toward minimizing workplace hazards. Below are two services you should consider to improve worksite safety.

H2S Detectors

Grande Prairie is the home of many oil and gas companies. Jobs of this nature come with risks, so workers must have the proper protective equipment to handle all aspects safely and efficiently.

Priority Safety Service & Rentals Ltd. offers H2S (hydrogen sulphide) detection equipment and emergency medical services to help make work places safer.

Prolonged exposure to hydrogen sulphide can result in death so H2S detectors in Grande Prairie are necessary on job sites to minimize this risk. For any medical emergencies on-site, we can also provide onsite medics to administer proper medical assistance to those in need.

Light Towers

The oil refining, agriculture, and construction industries use light towers extensively. Light tower rentals in Grande Prairie help employees keep to their tight schedules.

For instance, it’s common for construction teams to work in low-light conditions so light towers are a necessary piece of equipment. Renting light towers keeps your work site illuminated for as long as you need to get the job done.

Are You Looking to Rent Safety Equipment?

Renting safety equipment is often a more reasonable and affordable option than buying it. Owning equipment means paying for the gear, ongoing maintenance, repair fees, and storage expenses.

Contact us our team at Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. for all your first aid and safety equipment needs. We've got you covered 24 hours a day, every day.


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