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Professional Onsite Medics in Grand Prairie

Diagnostic Medical Equipment


The Importance and Benefits of Onsite Medics

Though there are stringent regulations in place to help ensure that job sites in a variety of Alberta industries are safe, it is impossible to completely mitigate all potential hazards and accidents. Making sure that your job site always includes an onsite medic from Grande Prairie's Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd will help keep your workers safe.


Job site safety is not something to take lightly. In 2015 there were 16 total fatalities in Alberta's industry sector, while that number jumped up to at least 23 in 2016. The majority of these fatalities occurred in the construction industry, though fatal accidents also occurred in agriculture, forestry, mining, petroleum development, transportation, and many others.


A Grande Prairie onsite medic can be there right when disaster strikes and when help would otherwise be a long distance away. Many of Alberta's industries, particularly the forestry and oilfield industry, carry out their activities in far, remote locations without easily accessible emergency services.


During a medical emergency, every moment counts. Receiving emergency services quickly after an accident happens can mean the difference between an injury turning into a fatality. In the time it takes to transport a worker long distances to receive emergency aid, a Grande Prairie onsite medic could have already stabilized or at least lessened the severity of the situation.


Providing your workers with 24/7 emergency services from an onsite medic will not only increase their physical safety, but also their well-being and peace of mind. Being isolated and knowing that they are far away from the nearest hospital can put extra stress on workers who are already performing a stressful job. Onsite medics can increase morale and make workers feel appreciated.


Professional Onsite Medics in Grand Prairie

The onsite medics from Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd are fully trained and equipped to perform emergency industrial first aid as soon as an accident occurs. During a job site accident or emergency, your workers will know that they don't need to panic. Accidents are always going to happen, but an onsite medic can help keep accidents from turning into emergencies.


An onsite medic can provide a well-equipped medical treatment centre where injured workers can be tended to, as well as emergency transport vehicles should a worker need transportation to a larger medical facility. In many situations, having an onsite medic will eliminate the need for transport to distant medical facilities altogether. In the cases where transport is needed, you can be sure that it is provided in a fully-stocked emergency transport vehicle where workers can receive care on the go.


The onsite medics at Grande Prairie's Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd can play an important role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of your job site. Our industrial first aid services can help reduce workplace accidents and mitigate the effects of accidents if they do happen.


If you're interested in finding out more about the benefits that our Grande Prairie onsite medics can provide for your job site, then don't hesitate to contact Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd today.


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