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How Does Optical Gas Imaging Work?

Experts say the global thermal imaging market will be worth more than $4 billion by 2028.

Thermal imaging converts infrared (IR) heat into visual images. With heavy applications in the medical and defence industries, you may not realize that thermal cameras can also help detect a gas leak at your workplace through optical gas imaging.

How does this technology work? Keep reading to learn about optical gas imaging and gas detection in Grande Prairie.

What Is Optical Gas Imaging?

Optical gas imaging (OGI) uses thermal IR cameras to see gas. This includes:

  • Methane

  • Hydrocarbons (organic chemicals made up of only carbon and hydrogen)

  • Refrigerants

  • Sulphur hexafluoride

These thermal cameras act as speedy gas detection devices to keep the workplace and the environment safe. They can be used in residential settings too.

Our team at Priority Safety Services and Rentals uses optical gas imaging in Grande Prairie for hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas detection. H2S has a similar toxicity level to carbon monoxide. Unlike carbon monoxide, which is odourless, H2S smells like rotten eggs.

OGI can detect H2S before you notice the scent. Prolonged exposure to H2S can lead to coma, convulsions, organ damage, and even death.

Use OGI to find even the most minor leaks and maintain a high level of workplace safety.

How Does It Work?

OGI thermal cameras and gas detection systems use a filter system to detect gas. The camera can identify the source of a gas leak from a safe distance. They equip infrared sensors to detect gas and visualize it as thermal images. There are OGI thermal cameras on:

  • Drones

  • Handheld devices

  • Fixed mount

The Importance of Using Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

OGI cameras can detect very small leaks that could otherwise go unnoticed. For example, if you have a tiny gas leak that only emits a few molecules per second, a standard camera probably won't notice. But an OGI camera can detect this leak.

You will be able to fix the problem before it causes damage or becomes a health concern. OGI cameras are beneficial for both workplace safety and home safety.

OGI cameras are easy to use, and most importantly, they're cost-effective. There's never been a better way to detect gas leaks than OGI technology.

Gas Detection in Grande Prairie

OGI cameras are the best way to detect gas if there is a leak. To ensure your workplace's safety, gas detection checks should be done regularly at your work site.

Contact us at Priority Safety Services and Rentals if you need gas detection in Grande Prairie. We have quick response times and 24-hour on-site services.

Our fully equipped air trailers will also serve you with ongoing gas monitoring to ensure everyone on your team stays safe.


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