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Five Benefits of Renting an Industrial Generator for Your Worksite

Industrial Generator


Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd offers more than simply emergency response services in Grande Prairie. Though industrial first aid and emergency services are an important component of what we do, we also provide rentals of various equipment, including generators for those running operations in remote areas. Whether you’re running a project within the gas and oil sector or a project in forestry, you require a power source to energize your worksite. That’s where we can help. We provide generator rental services in Grande Prairie for businesses just like yours every day. Here are the top five benefits that come with renting one of our generators.


They’re reliable. If you’ve ever lost power at a critical moment during a project, then you know how important it is to keep the energy flowing. Our generators are proven to keep performing in a range of conditions and circumstances. You never have to worry about the power unexpectedly cutting out and leaving you stranded. As long as there’s fuel, you can stay on target.

They’re safe. As always, safety is important to us. That’s why our generators are always thoroughly inspected before they go out into the field. Rigorous safety checks are implemented before even a solitary piece of equipment leaves our depot.

They provide plenty of power. Our generators may look small, but they pack a huge punch. Light towers, work trailers and machinery can be run off our generators without a single glitch.

They have big fuel tanks. Our generators come equipped with huge fuel tanks so that you can keep operating for a month—sometimes longer—without needing to refuel.

We provide fuel delivery services. If a month of power isn’t enough to take you through to the end of your project, refilling is never a problem. We deliver fuel to any worksite and can be there on an as needed basis for as long as necessary.

Renting is the economical choice. Buying a new generator is costly and while they aren’t particularly prone to big upkeep expenses, they do sometimes require maintenance or replacement parts. In many cases, it’s far more financially advantageous to rent a generator over buying one.


Generator Rental in and Around Grande Prairie

Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd provides industrial generators to remote worksites in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Call us today for more information about our services or to receive a free estimate.


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