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3 Things to Consider When Renting Office Trailers in Grande Prairie

You've just found out that your business space needs to be renovated, leaving you and your employees without a place to work. The panic starts to set in - what are you supposed to do? We've got you covered if you're considering renting office trailers in Grande Prairie

Trailer rentals are cost-effective, portable, and an excellent choice for a temporary solution.

Keep reading this quick guide and consider renting office trailers.

1. What Size Office Trailer Do You Require?

What is your primary purpose? How many people will be using it? Will part of it be used for storage, or will it mainly be used as a workspace?

Answering these questions will help you get an idea of the size (or quantity) you would require.

For example, if the trailer office will be used as a place to accommodate a few people, you may only need one small trailer. But if you require a place to meet with different clients and hold meetings, you might require more space and storage.

Small office trailers can be 8 feet by 20 feet, while larger trailers usually reach 12 feet by 60 feet.

If you're not sure what size is best for your situation, our experienced staff will assist you.

2. How Long Will You Need the Space?

Consider how long you plan to use the office trailer.

Do you need it for a couple of weeks? Several months? Or even a year?

You must have a timeframe in mind while renting an office trailer. It's ideal to have a longer rental period if you work in a field where the schedules are frequently shifting (the schedule is pushed back or the holidays delay).

3. Do You Need Extra Amenities?

Now plan out which amenities your business will need. If you're using the office trailer in the heat of the summer, air conditioning is a necessity, while in a colder period, a space heater is to be added to the deal.

Trailer rentals can be equipped with extra furnishings, like large work desks, satellite television, and refrigerators, so that you and your employees can feel comfortable staying.

Choose the Best Office Trailers in Grande Prairie

If you're looking for well site or office trailers in Grande Prairie, look no further than Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd. Our trailers are modern and full of amenities, so you can bring your regular office to a new location with ease. Reach out today to find out how we can help.


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