Onsite medic in Grande Prairie

Industrial First Aid Services in Grande Prairie

You might feel isolated when you work in the oil or forest industry away from city life. You have kilometers of distance between you and a hospital, so you might worry about the consequences if processes and projects go awry.

Thanks to Priority Safety Services’ onsite team, emergencies and mishaps don’t need to cause alarm. We offer emergency response and industrial first aid services in Grande Prairie and the surrounding regions. With our team at your worksite, you won’t have to wait to get the assistance you require in your moment of need.

We’ll Come to Your Aid Before Disaster Strikes
Our motto, “Your safety is our priority,” guides our actions and decisions. For this reason, Priority Safety Services provides 24/7 emergency response in Grande Prairie. Our team can respond to emergency situations and provide onsite supervision at remote locations when a disaster occurs. Even with hazardous equipment in oilfields and power generating plants, you can feel safe knowing that we will be with you anytime.

Learn About Our Services
Rely on our small staff to provide you with safety information and patient care. Our onsite medics in Grande Prairie can offer you:

  • 4x4 medical treatment centres
  • 4x4 emergency transport vehicles
  • Automated external defibrillator equipment
  • Medical personnel, including responders and technicians
  • Occupational first aid level-3 training
  • Emergency first aid

No matter what you need, with Priority Safety Services, you’ll receive your order as soon as possible to mitigate or eliminate future emergencies. Contact our staff to order our products and services today.

See the Difference Priority Safety Services Can Make
You shouldn’t have to jeopardize your safety to work in your field of choice. When you choose Priority Safety Services, our onsite medical staff will protect your health in case of an emergency.

Contact our emergency response team to reserve an onsite medic.